2010 Flight Design CTLS

The Flight Design CTLS is our premier flight training aircraft.  Spacious seating allows both pilots and passengers to move about comfortably, and state-of-the-art technology safely guides and protects all occupants.  The smooth aerodynamic design maximizes efficiency to utilize less fuel while maintaining top speed and maneuverability.

The Flight Design CTLS features XM weather coverage for full-feature weather reports and terrain maps to guide your course.  Ergonomic arrangements, adjustable seat support and an intuitive, accessible control panel make flight instruction exciting and enjoyable.  Innovative design and synergistic features create difficult, exhilarating maneuvers easy and safe to perform.  A strong, carbon-fiber frame and a composite landing gear handles turbulence, take-offs and landings smoothly.  The CTLS is internationally certified in safety and performance for instruction, short flights and long-distance journeys. 

Read more about the CTLS capabilities, and contact us to 
schedule a flight.   ​Start with our certified instructors and learn to take control of the CTLS by yourself. 

Technical Data:

  • Wing Span: 28' 2"
  • Length: 21' 8"
  • Height: 7' 8"
  • Wing Area: 107 sq. ft.
  • Fuel Capacity: 34 US gal.
  • Empty Weight: 770 lbs.
  • Gross Weight: 1320 lbs.
  • Useful Load: 550 lbs.

Speeds & Performance Data:

  • VS0 Stall Speed @ 35° flaps @1320lbs 39kt
  • VS1 Stall Speed @ -6° flaps @ 1320lbs 44kt
  • Vh Top Speed @ Max continuous RPM 120kt
  • Vc Cruise Speed @ 75% power 115kt
  • Vne Never Exceed Speed145kt
  • Va Maneuver Speed 98kt
  • Vx Best Rate of Climb Speed 61kt
  • Vy Best Angle of Climb Speed 73kt
  • Vra Maximum Rough Air Speed 120kt
  • Vfe Maximum Flap Operating Speed 80kt
  • Vr Rotation Speed @ 15° flaps 42kt 
  • Rate of Climb @ 1320lbs 805 FPM Max.
  • Crosswind Component @ 0° flaps16kts 
  • Takeoff Distance @ 1320lbs 800ft 
  • Takeoff Distance (50ft Obstacle, 1320lbs) 1500ft
  • Landing (50ft Obstacle, 1320lbs) 967ft